Hepatitis C

This page is just getting going,
but I am adding links as I find them...
I have tested positive for Hepatitis C. My situation is long and complicated, and will be added to my online story later. For now, let me leave it as: I first found out about while I was still being abused, but couldn't face the abuse, or deal with the hepatitis which would have forced me to face the abuse. At that time my only risks for Hepatitis C were the sexual abuse, and blood transfusions at birth.

Somehow, to me it seems important to acknowledge that while I made many mistakes, this is one of those things I can be angry about. I did nothing to cause this, and now it is threatening the course of my life.
I am scared, and I am angry.

I would love to know if my cousin has Hepatitis C also...

In any case, My goal for this page is to build some links that I will use, and add descriptions.

If anyone else reading this has links- submit them with a description. Whether they have information of Liver disease, support groups, alternative therapy, whatever.


This was the first one my doctor gave me- seems to have good basic info here:


 For those interested in understanding the risk of various actions, this site has a good graphic explaining the risk in transmitting by various means for each of the Hepatitis's.
www.hepfi.org This site is the Hepatitis Foundation International. Just starting to explore it, but it seems to have a lot of good info.

 This is the American Liver Foundations Website- Again just starting to explore:
www.hcvadvocate.org This is the HCV Advocate- Found a lot of great information here.
www.dailystrength.org Dailystrength my home for online journaling and support- yes they do have Hepatitis C support groups too...